Wednesday, 15 September 2010

On the hunt for Dinsdale’s signature...

Tim Dinsdale should need no introduction to readers of this blog, so I won’t give him one. A couple of days ago I found a copy of “Project Water Horse” for £1 from a second hand book dealers, which is very little for the book which would normally, according to Amazon, retail at over £5 for the book and postage. This, however, was not the reason for me buying the book with a poker face and leaving the shop pretty rapidly lest the seller realise their mistake. There, on the third page in the book was scrawled a signature which looked like it spelt “Tim Dinsdale” which is underlined.


Now, I never met Dinsdale (seeing as he died before I was born means this is not surprising), and searching for his signature online brings up nothing. So, dear readers, does anyone own something signed by Dinsdale? If you do own anything, I would be really grateful if you could email me a photograph of the signature to:

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Oh, and the classic depiction of a plesiosaur with a lamb in its mouth is only being used to spice up what is otherwise a slightly dull blog post...

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